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5 reasons to consider food allergy testing

Thinking of food allergy testing? Enjoyment, Excitement, Environment, Elimination and a Brighter Future. There are many reasons why should consider food allergy testing, particularly if you suspect that you may have a food sensitivity. Here are five that we’ve picked...

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Avoiding Awkward Situations with Food Allergen Testing

Are you reading this sitting at your desk in the office? Are you worried about eating because you have just started your new job and you know you are not always in control of your body? If you are, then food allergen testing can be the first step to giving you back...

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Is Seafood your very own nemesis?

If you are experiencing bloat, fatigue or nausea, then you probably have a sensitivity. As it is National Oyster Day here in the US, we've decided to do some investigating, as we look to help you find out whether that seafood you're consuming is actually your own...

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Creating New Memories with an Intolerance Test

School is out for the Summer! Rejoice! It's now time to start making those summer memories! If your mates have knocked on your door and invited you outside, then it is time to go! Hang on, what's that? Are you feeling like you cannot go? Is this because you are...

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3 steps you should try in order to beat the bloat

Are you wanting to make the most of what is left of this Summer? Are you dreaming of being on the beach, relaxing in the sun, completely free of any worries? Yes? The team at Allergy Test are looking to help you enjoy the beach party you deserve. If you are thinking...

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