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We’re lucky enough to have completed over 400,000 tests to date and with that, we have heard about some great positive results from our customers. Below we have featured a selection of positive discoveries where lives have been changed for the better.

Some testimonials have been edited for clarity and length.

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Stomach Problems & Bloating – Lactose and Fish – Sonia

Stomach Cramps and Headaches – Cow’s Milk – Jaquelin

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“I recently received my test results and was found to have a gluten intolerance, among other things. Ironically, six months ago I tried a gluten-free diet and stuck with it for at least 3-4 months and felt great – but the holidays came and I quit. Ever since quitting my stomach and digestive issues have been horrible. Not really knowing what was wrong with me, my father recommended me to get my tolerance levels tested. To my shock, I am 100% intolerant to wheat and nearly 100% intolerant to gluten.

Looking back I think I have had this sensitivity my whole life, I just never knew what to call it. I remember being in college classes embarrassed at my stomach always rumbling. I always sat in the back just in case I needed a bathroom break.

Truly, I cannot thank you enough for alleviating me of this issue.

An answered prayer.”

Jennifer-testimonialJennifer D. (WI)

Thank you very much for providing me with useful information that has really improved my health! I have eliminated the foods that you recommended and have been thrilled to add back some foods that I previously thought were problems for me. I feel so much better! I have recommended your testing to many people. Thank you!

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Agents Testimonials

rick-ackerson-testimonialRick Ackerson, Owner, Measured Fitness Lab

Before I became a Partner I did a test on myself and I was surprised to find I was intolerant to avocado. I used to eat them almost daily. As soon as I eliminated them from my diet my acne cleared up!! Test was easy and results are emailed fast. Now I am a partner and offer this great service to my clients.

root-and-remedy-testimonialRoot and Remedy

“I am beyond ecstatic to have found this comprehensive allergy test. There isn’t anther comparable product on the market! Not only does this test indicate problematic foods, but also non-food items as well. I was able to indicate the root cause of several of my client’s health issues and provide long term relief for them. Everyone should take this test! It is most definitely a game-changer”.

james-coffey-testimonialJames Coffey

With the OCR world championships coming up I was searching for something that would enable me to be at my peak physical performance. I came across this test and I was amazed at the details it gave me. After replenishing the nutrients indicated naturally I feel better than ever, highly recommend this test for all sports men and women!

vip-lounge-testimonialVIP Lounge

“As a business owner I wanted to have unique products that makes my salon stand out. When I found the test I was astounded at how easy the process was and I knew straight away I wanted to offer it to my customers. The feedback has been great and the team have been a pleasure to deal with.”

A non-invasive alternative to traditional allergy and intolerance screening.


Positive Stories.

Cort’s Story

Cort, 6, got psoriasis in March 2014 – we didn’t know what it was at first, and one doctor suspected a viral eczema. We saw an allergist, two pediatricians, and a dermatologist. During this time it continued to escalate. We finally requested a biopsy and found that it was psoriasis. We later discovered that psoriasis runs on both sides of the family.

We were prescribed many different steroid creams (two for his hair, three for his skin), as well as oral steroids. We were spending about $90 a month on steroids, with insurance.

The steroids made Cort feel very angry and emotional. His skin only responded to one of the steroid creams, but it was so dangerous that he had to be monitored every couple of days to make sure his skin wasn’t thinning too much. I tried some more natural remedies, since I didn’t like him being on so many steroids, but they did not help either.

Last summer I started an elimination diet. Because we didn’t know what was causing the issue, the things we eliminated were a shot in the dark. Now that we have his results, it turns out that only one of the many foods we eliminated was something he shouldn’t have had (bell peppers). We did sun therapy every day in the summer.


When he started back to school in August, he was off numerous foods, but his skin was flaring so badly that he started to feel sad every day because other kids were asking about it.  He had trouble sleeping at night, because it would itch and burn so badly (sometimes he scratched until it bled).

I started looking online for a place to have food intolerance testing done, since I couldn’t seem to convince any of his specialists to order the test. That is when I found The Intolerance Testing Group.

Once we got the results back, we took him off all the foods on the list.  Your tests also showed a high build up of yeast in his system.  We took him off all yeast, and then started using some natural methods to help with his digestive health (aloe vera, caprylic acid, coconut water, probiotics).  I took him off all steroids, and started using an organic castor oil on his skin.

Within a week we started to see a difference.  The spots of psoriasis were started to turn white in the center.  With the steroids, they healed from the outside in, but with the dietary changes they were healing from the inside out.

I suspect some of the big irritants for Cort were the dairy and chocolate.  His skin is cleared up now (you can just see white spots where the psoriasis used to be), and we have slowly let him start having trace amounts of some of the things on the list (like onion powder or sunflower oil that is mixed in with other foods).  We plan to keep him off most of the foods on the list from here on.  When Cort goes to a birthday party, he takes his own cupcakes that don’t have any milk.  He keeps a bag of special snacks at school for parties there.  And on Halloween, he traded all his chocolate candy for a yo yo that he wanted from the store.  Because he is so happy to have clear skin that doesn’t itch and burn, he doesn’t mind having to make a few sacrifices.

Rebecca’s Story

I haven’t always had problem skin; it only seemed to develop once I hit my twenties. I tried absolutely everything to treat the acne: antibiotics, laser treatment, natural remedies, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion. Unfortunately, none of these things seems to have much of an effect and only left me more and more frustrated.

A friend told me about Test My Intolerance, as she had been tested and lost 40lbs after eliminating her problem foods. I was sceptical at first as I had never heard of this type of testing. The company offers a full money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

The ordering process was quick and simple and the fact that you download the test submission form means you can send your sample in the mail the same day. This really appealed to me because I was eager to get my results as quickly as possible.I received my results within five days of my sample arriving at the testing facility.

The recommendation from the company is to eliminate all items in my report for a minimum of four weeks. This was a challenge as many of the items in my report were my favourite foods!

After two weeks on the elimination diet my skin started to feel less greasy and angry.


By the end of the four weeks I could not believe the difference when looking back at old pictures of myself! My skin looked almost ‘normal’! All these years I’ve been trying to treat the surface of the skin and it didn’t even occur to me that the root cause may be what I’m putting into my body. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and would recommend the test to anyone suffering from skin conditions, especially acne.

I am going to continue with eliminating the offending foods and plan on taking the test again in six months.

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