Diarrhoea Symptoms


Diarrhea Symptoms. Is there a relationship between Diarrhea and Food Intolerance?

Yes, there is, although your diarrhea is not always necessarily caused by an intolerance. If you have suffered badly with diarrhoea but have not identified what is causing these issues, then you may have a food intolerance.

Food Intolerances are a lot more common than most people realise, as there are many people around the world and in the US not knowing that they are living with food intolerance. Once you have identified your intolerances, however, there are ways to manage it, and if you successfully avoid the offending food item, your symptoms may disappear.

What is diarrhea?

Diarrhea is when there is an increase in the number of times you go to the toilet or the amount of excrement there is when you go to the toilet. As a symptom, it is extremely common, uncomfortable and inconvenient for many. Like constipation, people find this to be extremely embarrassing, but it can also cause physical harm. These symptoms can lead to dehydration and headaches, as the body is flushing out more than it is taking in.

Many people believe that there is only one type of diarrhea. However, it can present itself in many forms, including Inflammatory Diarrhea, Osmotic Diarrhea and Secretory Diarrhea.

The Solution

This issue is increasingly common, and can often be the result of food intolerance, as well as many other conditions. It is important that you consult a Health Professional should your symptoms not subside after an elimination diet or allergy medication.

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