Redeem your Groupon coupon code below - Please read carefully. (Gold and Silver Tests are lower on this page)
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Redeem your Groupon coupon:

1. Add your chosen product to the basket from this page.

2. Go to the checkout.

3. Enter or copy your exact coupon code into the coupon box provided and press apply.

4. Checkout by entering your details - you will not need to pay any more unless you select fast-track.

5. Receive your confirmation email with instruction and your downloadable forms.

Only products added from this page will work with your Groupon code.

Our Tests. Redeem Your Exclusive Groupon Test Below

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Looking for the Premier 600 or Advanced 680 test?

Both of these tests have been upgraded for FREE to the new Premier 800 test! Use your Groupon coupon codes to redeem as normal.

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Don’t forget! Download, fill in and send us your Submission Form with your hair sample (instructions are in the confirmation email).

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Ordering Questions. Redeeming Groupon Voucher.

It can take 14 – 21 days for your sample results to be emailed to you once you have posted your submission form and hair sample(s) to us.

You will receive an email notification once your sample is received at our lab for testing, this means you will be receiving your results via email within 7-10 working days following that email.

Please ensure to check your junk email as sometimes our result emails can be placed there.

Please allow for your results to be delivered before you send your Groupon feedback.

Below are some familiar questions or queries which we often get asked by customers when they are trying to purchase an allergy test off Groupon. If you recognize any of these, then follow the steps provided which should make your purchase go a lot smoother and simpler.

My code is saying it is not applicable to the cart contents.
If this appears on your screen, then it may be that you are on the wrong page accidentally. Once you have arrived on the Groupon section on our website, you should then scroll down to the tests provided, rather than Order Now, as this will take you back to the main page, meaning your Groupon code will not be recognized. To redeem your Groupon code, please click here and scroll down to the tests. You can then redeem your code by selecting one of the tests.

Please ensure that you scroll down on the Groupon page so that you can view the tests which are recognized for Groupon. This should resolve any issues that you may have.

I added the test to my cart but it disappeared/more in there when I went to my cart.
This can sometimes happen and to solve this solution, we recommend clearing the cookies from their browser and/or using the private browsing mode. This should resolve any issues that you are experiencing.
My code is saying it does not exist.
If this message appears, we would recommend checking that you are entering the voucher redemption code provided on your Groupon voucher. This is different from the Groupon transaction or security numbers.
Difficulty using a handheld/mobile device.
Some customers have difficulty viewing the pages on a mobile device. We would recommend using a desktop where possible, as this will provide an easier experience where you can ensure you are selecting the right products.
I’ve purchased 2/3/4 codes and they won’t work.
It will not work if you have purchased multiple codes and you try to redeem them at the same time. If you have purchased multiple codes. then you need to redeem them separately, otherwise, it will not work. Please do not add multiple tests or codes to your shopping cart.
I purchased the fast track option.
If you have bought your test via Groupon, you will still have to purchase the fast track option on our website. If you purchase via Groupon, it does not automatically mean that your test will be fast-tracked. We hope that this will help provide a simpler and more convenient experience for you.

If you do have any queries about purchasing an allergy test via Groupon or any other queries about allergy testing, please do check out and see how we can help you via LiveChat.