Dealing and Coping with Intolerance Symptoms and those of an Allergy


An Allergy, Sensitivity, and Intolerance. Coping with your symptoms.

Headaches, bloating or stomach cramps? These are just some of the symptoms of an allergy. With Allergy Test, we specialize in providing you with a test for sensitivities and intolerances, whilst providing you with hints, tips, and information on what it is like living with an allergy.

Are you imagining living your life without experiencing bloating, fatigue or even just a runny nose? This is exciting! And it is about to become a reality for you! If you identify your food intolerances and sensitivities. Thanks to our own very high customer satisfaction rate, you can make sure you know that we are a company that you can trust. We are able to tell you what food items may be causing your symptoms. Furthermore, we also test for non-food items such as metals and animals, meaning the results may surprise you!

The results of an Allergy Test

The results that you receive from Allergy Test may surprise you, but they can also be extremely beneficial. Many of us, if we experience a runny nose immediately assume that we have contracted or a virus or simply have a common cold, and it is amazing how many people are not aware that they have an allergy. Taking a test to identify your food sensitivities and intolerances is important as it can help you to embark on a happier and healthier journey. Seeing our allergies and intolerances written down can be daunting, but using bioresonance hair testing, it is important that we know. That is why our report gives you all the advice that you need on how you go about your diet.

Be careful of what you eat

If you are looking to grab some food on the highway and fancy something greasy then it could be a bad decision in more ways than one. Using bioresonance hair testing, we can identify exactly what foods are causing your sensitivities, and if you feel sick, have a headache, or are experiencing stomach issues then it could be that greasy hamburger that you are eating. It is always better to know if you have an allergy or an intolerance rather than guess and try to live through the symptoms. With the ability to test for a massive range of items than ever, the future has never looked healthier for you and your body.

Elimination Diet

Using an elimination diet, you can avoid a wide range of symptoms. If you are shown to have an allergy to an item that is a regular staple of your diet, then you may worry, but worry not, you can simply avoid this item for the recommended time of six weeks. After this time, you are able to begin eating that item again and you are able to see whether or not your body can tolerate this item.

Considering taking a test for food intolerances? Visit and feel free to ask us any questions you may have, we are always to help.

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