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Formula Cookbook


For one person.

A downloadable link to the Formula Cookbook
Turn allergy-friendly recipes into endless possibilities
Perfect for fussy eaters and those with food intolerances and allergies
Add variety to your kitchen meals with these recipes
106 pages of nutritional recipes and ideas
Recipes adaptable to your allergy and intolerance results
Note: A physical copy is not sent for this product

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Allergy Test – Formula Cookbook

This detailed and comprehensive Cookbook helps you to come up with brand new and interesting recipes which can be tailored around the items highlighted around the items listed in your report.

PLUS, these recipes contain alternatives which are allergen-friendly, providing alternatives to common allergen items. Everything you need will be supplied in the recipes and you can look forward to enjoying some tasty meals, which will be just right for you.

Formula Cookbook






The Book: The Formula Cookbook covers a wide range of recipes and formulas which have been devised to help those who suffer from allergies and intolerances to feel completely at ease when eating these meals. Alongside the 28-day follow up, this recipe book would be ideal for you to cope with your allergies.

Quick & Easy: You can purchase your formula Cookbook through our secure payment portal, and you will receive a link which you will be able to download and print off, making it ideal for you to ensure you have the perfect recipes for your meal time.

Why you should purchase: The formulas in the book provide customers with multiple options on each recipe, and provide solutions to any of your mealtime troubles. So, when analyzing your reports you can just switch out the ingredients for something better suited to you. Whether you are a picky eater, have food allergies or food intolerances, celiac disease or even diabetes then the Cookbook will solve any mealtime dilemma which you may be facing!

Delivery Time: Upon purchase, you will receive a downloadable link to click directly to your email address immediately upon the completion of your order. No physical version of the book is sent out.

Order Now: Get your hands on your very own Allergy Test formula cookbook today. Order your product now and feel a lot happier about your homemade recipes.