Formula Ebook – The Food Sensitivity Cookbook

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The Formula Cookbook – Designed for Food Sensitivities

25 recipes
Easy to use ingredient swapping formula
50% discount off a retest
Exclusive to Allergy Test



If you’re purchasing an Allergy/Sensitivity test, why not get the most from the results with our interactive downloadable cookbook (interactive PDF) which now includes a massive 50% discounted off our allergy retest?

Our Food Sensitivity eBook is designed to open up the world of foods you can eat in and easy to understand and informed way, but helping you substitute ingredients on from your results. For Mobile and Tablet devices you may need to download Adobe Reader.

Full of tasty and helpful recipes with items available from any local store, you can edit the eBook to fit your results to help you live a healthier life.

25 recipes in total. Each recipe includes a formula that allows you to adapt each dish to fit your families needs. For each ingredient listed we provide you multiple options to swap out and literally you have endless possibilities!

Now with a fantastic 50% discount code off a retest (normal price $24.99) by buying this interactive PDF you’ll be saving 63%!

This computer only eBook takes the guesswork out of your food sensitivity as you can amend each ingredient on each recipe following your results.

Can’t have coconut? Not an issue! Simply click an alternative and the formula will amend the recipe for you. Add this amazing eBook to your cart now. For Mobile and Tablet devices you may need to download Adobe Reader.