Standard intolerance test.
For one person.

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Product Description

100-guaranteeWe have developed the most comprehensive Intolerance Test available in the world. Using the latest in bio-technology, our safe and non-invasive procedure uses a sample of your hair to create an extensive report of all of your intolerances which is guaranteed to be emailed to you in just 7 working days.

Our innovative one-step Intolerance Test enables us to produce a comprehensive report of the items of food and non-food that you are intolerant to as well as where the items are commonly found. We will also give guidance on how your individual intolerances can be reduced or even eliminated completely.


What’s tested

  • 300 of the most common food items including wheat, dairy and meats
  • 300 non-food items including chemicals used in food processing, animal hairs and pollens.